Practice your PMP skill with this

What is this application:


- This a PMP - PMBOK 5 - Test application for project managers and for whom they are taking PMP Examination or Exam

What Can you do with this..

- You can Test your self with PMP - Process Flow as per PMP
- What are the Categories?

(All) - Tests based on Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing

What would you get from this.. 

- Complete Knowledge of PMP - Process Flow and the Components of Project management
- Guarantee of 98% Pass in PMP exam.

What I will give
- A PDF which will have Process flow (please see the screen shot)
- Application to test the list inside each forms of Project management
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The App is designed such a way that - you will ( Will ) know the process like how you know your maths tables
In order to acheive this - you would need to make sure that the order in which you answer should be as same as PDF 

For example 
In intitating section of the process flow
Actual order is 
1. Project statement of work
2. Business case
3. Agreements
4. Enterprise environmental factors
5. Organizational process assets

But if you answer like this
Organizational process asset
Project statement of work
Business case
Enterprise environmental factors

even thou you have answered correctly but the order is incorrect so the app will tell you to check the answers..
once you select 4.1 develop project charter, the number of drop box will be enabled to suite the number of answers..
so to get it right you need select the correct answer and in Correct order
I have number of people who had cleared this exam PMP thro this method.. and are very happy 
being a PM my self I know that whole PMP is dependant on this process flow..
If you like this app.. i will request you to refer them to your friends - so that I can benefit out of my work.

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