Post certification

This is a wonderful forum created for discussions on post pmp certification. Thanks to the creater!!

While i was going through topics discussed on this forum, the posts on how to collect PDUs have been very helpful.

I am keen to understand what are the other options/ways one can look forward to improve/enhance one's career in his respective field. The intention being not just collecting PDUs but enhancing the career and personality on a whole give it a boost by contributing and participating within and outside the organization.

Some of the ways i find helpful being:

1. Regularly participating in local chapter events

2. Participating and presenting in conferences/webinars/podcasts/presentations related to Project management 

3. Be proactively participating in writing papers(technical/white papers), pm blogs, presenting in conferences etc.

4. Participation in communities in and external online communities

There needs to be an action plan drawn soon after finishing PMP in your own working environment considering available options.

Highly appreciate other's views... Thanks,

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