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Since most PMZillians are selflessly helping, I thought of making a small page on PMZilla to recognize the star contributors.  

  1. sspawar
  2.     krantikumar50
  3.     saket_pmp
  4.     projmanpro
  5.     ChandraR
  6.     pkukilla
  7.     aliweb
  8.     RP
  9.     The PMP Guru
  10.     diba_perfect
  11.     uglory
  12.     raza82
  13.     RaviDatt
  14.     Vishwanath
  15.     pmp_man

Special mention to Rajesh Nair, Chowdhary, Abhishek Nair, Raga, Anil Kumar Tanguturi , Prashin , Rajesh Thallam etc. for sharing their valueable notes.

And ofcourse not to forget some small contributors too

  • sunitaPMP
  • chowdary2104
  • pradeepsodha
  • Jay22
  • karthik21
  • Prakash999
  • anand2381
  • PMNovice
  • satish_multi
  • vishalharshvardhan

All of above, just email me your linked in profile and I will pull the picture from there

If I have forgotten someone, please dont hesitate to email me, I will add your name here.