PMP Version 5 ??

Hello Everyone,

I am glad to be part of this community.

I am doing project management for past 1 year and want to get certified. I understand that the current version for PMBOK is version 4 but there is a strong note on the PMI website which mentions that the version5 of PMBOK is underway.

Now this note has put me in dilema and kept me away from studies and gathering study material for PMBOK version 4. I plan to take the certification within next 4-5 months but my fear is regarding the changes about version 5. What if the version 5 comes after 3 months and it has lot more to offer than version 4.

Can someone help me in mitigating this risk?

Your suggestions and opinions would be appreciated.




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I don't think your studies will be affected in a major way if PMBOK gets upgraded to 5. The underlying concepts and fundamental will remain same.

The point is to keep your interest in studies. You might get diverted by waiting for next update which nobody know when is going to happen.

Keep studying,

Being a part of this community is really good. You will learn a lot of things from this and that is awesome. - Marla Ahlgrimm