PMP question - problem solving

A project manager had a complex problem to solve and made a decision about what needed to

be done. A few months later, the problem resurfaced. What did the project manager MOST likely
NOT do?
A. Proper risk analysis
B. Confirm the decision solved the problem
C. Have the project sponsor validate the decision
D. Use an Ishikawa diagram
Please explain your answers. 

I think answer should be B. Confirm the decision solved the problem.


Hi, thanks for your reply. Your answer is correct. Can you please explain your reasoning. I opted option D assuming that the PM had not found the root cause of the problem. Therefore, when the decision was implemented the problem was temporarily fixed, but since the actual cause was not addressed, it resurfaced again after a few months. 

please explain the answer !! 

 I think B, involves all possibility.

whereas D is very specific.

it is not necessary , every problem needs ishikawa.


If a problem resurfaces then originally the PM didn't confirm if that decision solved the problem (i.e. solve the root cause).  Using an Ishikawa diagram is just one way to find the root cause, there are others, so you had to select the more general answer.  Also even if the PM used an Ishikawa diagram, if he/she does confirm she has solved the problem it could resurface still.

thanks thats a solid argument. 

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I also get wrong on this question of RITA, i search on google to find this post.

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