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102. As a project manager you can assign any one of two team members to a highly coveted task. Both are equally capable, but one of them is a member of your in-group. To the other one, you have far more distance. How should you behave?
o You disclose the situation to stakeholders and solicit a joint decision.
o You take the person not in your in-group to avoid misunderstandings.
o Chose the in-group person. The trustful relation will benefit the project.
o You delegate the decision to a third team member to avoid the conflict.

Answer is 1, pointing to code of conduct page 4. but I'm not able to figure out which point the question is connected to. Please help resolve this question.

Your act must be impartial, free from self interest, prejudice, and favoritism.

In question , whenever such situation is there , it is a duty of act that, matter should be impartial. It is called fairness.

agree, thanks!

But, is it the only solution to disclose the situation to Stakeholder and let them to make decision? Just want to do a little brainstorming. I don't think the solution for this situation is the same as that for a conflict of interest situation. My solution will be to ask the two persons for their preference first.

 your options are 4 and written there, you could not opt else one

I was trying to brainstom, dude.

the competency level of both the team members is same . so its only choice of selection - you cannot justify the selection of in group person because of trust issues - similarly if you choose the other guy you can have trust issues with your in group guy .. if the other selects the guy its the same issue there - so option 1 should be the right one because its fair .


Can anyone tell me the complete name of Head First name? Also, is the soft-copy of the book available with anyone? Request the fellow aspirants to share with me.

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