PMP Question

You have just collected project information from stakeholders and analysing their input with
the project team. One stakeholder is worried about whether the organisation has the proper skill set in house to deliver the product of the project. This can be best described in proj management term as 
a. Constraint
b. A potential risk
c. An issue
d. A and C
Pls share what do you think can be the answer?


stakeholder is worried only and the question didnt mention whether this is a KEY stakeholder or not and the question didnt mention that the stakeholder have put some constraints or conditions, so it is not a constraint. and the issue that made the stakeholder worried didnt happen yet, so it is not an Issue. so neither an issue nor A or C, the option that only left is B. A Potential Risk.

you can define it as a risk to help encounter it in future., i go for option B.






Hi Tabaza,

My answer was B too but the answer given is D. The explanation given is no internal headcount with skillset means is constraint and also an issue because if they need additional headcount how would they go about? Don't quite agree with this, like you mentioned the stakeholder is worried and not yet happen so it should be potential risk.


i dont think it is a constraint, because a PM under the permission of PMO/Management can hire any skillset or expert from outside the organization to help make the project success, the PM can also make a sub-contract with a Company to handle this. where is the constraint in that?

constraint means, external or internal rules/conditions i MUST follow, which decrease my freedom.

again, i will consider it as a risk, and keep watching it, till i see we 100% delivered the product as expectations.

also, a risk is a future event, and stakeholders saying, "if we can do it or not". something in future

and issue, is something that already happened.


anyway, i am open for discussion, if other people or expert PMP's have other point of views, we are here to learn.