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Hi All,

I have started reading the PMBOK5, and finished first reading just to grasp the overview.

Now in order to further get the full in depth knowledge and become master of concepts, which book shoud I refer.

RITA 8th edition (read full three times) alone

Or Akhter Or Headfrst

I am planning to give exam on march 15th. By the time, will I be able to be in a form to take exam?

I can allocate 2-3 hrs daily, so will I be able to finish my preparation by that time?

Secondly I want to submit application to register my self for exam, can any one provide a excel sample or guidelines to prepare audit free application?

This is my second time, and I really want to pass this time, help from all will be appreciated.

Thanks in advace.

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Rita's book is good flavor to add along with PMBoK.

Read this post 


Also since you have given the exam once you know what the real questions look like , do take more mock tests


Read LL given by PMZillians here.

Thanks Admin for your positive reply. Very good post and motivated words.

I am gearued up now!

I just want to know can you provide me below information too

(1) Sample or tricks sheet for submitting PMP exam application to PMI

(2) Updated Notes link, I referred to below mentioned link, but it does not have updated notes e.g. Abhishekh's Rajesh notes are not updated ones. etc

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Naveed,

I would like to share an article about How to Prepare for PMP Certification? It will boost up your preparation. All the best for your PMP



I like to share a link with you

The video talks about what should be the ideal study plan for PMP certification. The trainer 
recommends a Lifecycle approach for PMP certification. Find details of the three stages of 
the lifecycle approach that includes know, master and practice in the video. 
A good study plan can make your PMP Exam preparation journey fast and enjoyable. 
This study plan is goal oriented and gives flexibility to the learner to make their choices as 
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On the Internet, PMP students often ask what is the "best book" to study for the PMP.

PMBOK is the correct answer.

I know an Indian PMP friend of mine who studied only PMBOK 5 and passed the PMP test.  But Akhilesh is an exceptional person (here's a webinar interview with Akhilesh).

Most of us study a 2nd PMP book alongside PMBOK.  But if someone says they prefer Rita or Akhter or any book, ask them if they are a PMP and ask them how many PMP books they have read.

I have read these books:

1)  Rita Mulcahy's book:  I taught a PMP class last year using Rita's 8th edition book.
2)  Kim Heldman's book:  I read Kim's book cover to cover for PMBOK 4 when I passed the PMP.
3)  Sohel Akhter's book:  I am currently reading Sohel's book and I use it for my Virtual PMP Study Group webinars with his permission.

So as you can see, as a PMP, I have read, studied, and taught from more books than most people.

I tell my PMP clients that if they are currently studying one book (Rita, Crowe, etc.) to keep studying that book in conjunction with PMBOK.

But as I said in my last PMP study group webinar (you can watch it for free), if you haven't decided on a complementary PMP book, I recommend Sohel Akhter's book named Project Management Professional Certification Exam Prep.  After reading Rita and Sohel's book, I honestly believe Sohel's book is better for both teaching and studying to pass the PMP.

As a book on project management, Rita's book has great value.  But if a PMP student is at the beginning of his/her studies, I do recommend Sohel Akhter's book Project Management Professional Certification Exam Prep.

And as a final disclaimer, I do not receive any monies or compensation for recommending Sohel Akhter's book.  I just think it's my best PMP complementary book to PMBOK.

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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Hi Richard,

I am from bangalore, India. I had planned to take my PMP certification during the end of March 2015 and you had advised me to buy time from my manager and plan my exams in June 2015.

I was busy for last 5 weeks due to death in my family and I had to delay my certification. Meantime my application was selected for audit and audit was complete after 3 weeks.  I started my preparation again last week.

I have started reading sohel akhtar's PMP training kit. I also have sohel akhtar's PMP Rapid review.

sohel akhtar's PMP training kit is a excellent guide to be read with PMBOK5.

sohel akhtar's PMP Rapid review is based on 5 process groups and it can be used for revision

Now i have 5-6hrs per day and planning my exam by end of June 2015.


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I hope my advice works out for you.  And certainly, studying 5-6 hours per day is a lot.

I also just emailed Sohel Akhter since he's an Internet friend of mine :)  I've emailed with him back and forth, he's a very nice person.  I am sure he will be glad to know his PMP learning materials are being used in Bangalore, India :)

Read PMBOK and Sohel's book side by side, take comparative notes, and test yourself BY PROCESS GROUP to build competence.

Drop by my website at and leave a comment.  In that way I'll know your email.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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