PMP Preparation - Feedback

Dear All,

I need help in evaluating my preparation. So far , i have given 4 full length test.  Here is my score,
Head first pmp - 200 questions -  81%
PM Study - Free sample 200 questions - 80%
Simplilearn - Simulation test -200 questios  -  79.46 %
Simplilear -  Free - Test - 200 questions -  78.65 %

Do you think I am ready for real PMP exam ? 

Please advise.








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Overall it depends on your confidence level in handling tough questions. If you get tough questions initially in your exam you should not get nervous. OVerall the exam is well balanced in terms of difficulty level of questions.

From the above scores, head first I will not count, since that test is easy and according to me not like the real exam. Like wise PMStudy is a good benchmark, but the questions in real exam would be different.

The scores are good, but if you are not confident then Take exam from 1-2 sources more . Doesnt matter if its free or paid

I would strongly recommend that you take the 25 free questions on this site


Thanks for valuable feedback.   I will take some more tests and update you.

Thank you..