PMP Passed (21-Mar-2013) - Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned:

On 2010 june i attended the training class and got 35 PDUs.Due to so many reasons,i didnt do the exam at that time.Again I started my preparation on 6th of Ocotber 2012 With the exam due date of 9th January 2013.I started with PMBOK4 and the RITAs 6th edition.I did not participate in any of the PMP Related forums.To be frank i was not aware of that.That was the great mistake have done and as a result i failed in the exam .When i came out of the prometric centre i met a friend named Mr.kandhan who just passed the exam .He gave me a plenty of ideas about the exam preparation.(A lot of thanks to kandhan).

I started to realize the importance of the PMP Forums.First i started to work with Google+ group where a lot of innovative ideas shared by Experts.It is a fantastic forum.Then I fortunately identified PMZilla forum.(Indeed an Excellent forum).
Here i have got an opportunity share my doubts with so many aspirants specially sspawar,Arun,sunitha and many others.Thankyou all.
I registered to work with the Institudes(on line) question bank from where I have received the training.It was very much useful.From 9th of january to March 21 the preparation was very aggressive.But there was an accident happened to me on 8th of this month while i was riding my bike and my left side color bone was fractured.The next 3 days due to severe pain (because the doctors advised me not to go for surgery) i stopped my preparation and a certain point of time i thought of gave up the exam.Even though i continued my preparation by holding left side hand in a sling.And for the past one week my preparation was very aggressive(the duaration of sleep reduced to 5 hrs,limited food).Thanks to my wife and children.
I dont folow any study pattern.The previous day of the exam i just read the PMBOK once.I strongly recommended the Abhishek's Version - Rajesh Nair PMP Notes.They have done a best job by simplifying the PMBOK.
I took nearly 5 to 6 Full mock test(200 qs).Scores were around 70% and many knowarea wise pratice exams.
simply recommending Pratice,practice and practice..
Books followed
Rita's 7th edition(Good for procurement related..)
Headfirst (good for earned value formulas)
and so many hand book guides.
In the exam:
The exam was not really tough like the one i experienced in january.It looks easy.(may be due to my preparation).
There were nearly 15 to 20 questions on Earned value managment,may be 5 questions are from Network diagrams.And the remainaing questions are situvational based.There were a lot of direct questions.Many questions from ITTO's.
Really i wondered the efforts of sspawar for replying the questions with detail explanation.Thank you sir.keep it up!
Wish you all the best!.
- Mani

Once again congratulations Mani. A good write up. This proves that determination is the key to success. Thanks for sharing it with us.

 thank you arun.

Congratulations for passing this tough exam. If it is not too much of a porblem, can you please send me the links to all the mock exams that you took that enabled you to pass this exam to my email Also you mentioned certian people in your write up. If you have all thier materials, can you please send all those documents to the email address that I have provided? I will be writing this exam exactly a month from today.

So any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.





Dear Emmanuel,

Please follow the below URL for the full mock test questions.

I registered with the techfaq for 200 questions,pmstudy for 200 questions.

Also download the Absheik version's rajesh nair PMP excel sheet from the PMZILLA forum.It will be very much useful.

Also from the above URL there is a site PMP Preparation in Google+ which is very much useful.Read all the questions from this site.

The Cost and the PMBOK's 5th edition forced me to Complete the exam with in the month of July-2013.

I wish you all the best!.


-- Mani

 Big congrats Mani!. Against all odds, you made it. what a determination!!.

 thank you


~ Diba

 thank you

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Congratulations Arun.

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Congratulations mani.

 Congratulations Mani! 

 Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience in detail and LL.



 Congrats and thank you very much for your LL :)

Hearty Congratulations.It's great job With such difficult times. 

Congratulations Mani !!!