PMP mock tests

I'm preparing for PMP exam and want to take some mock tests.

Please suggest some reliable sources of taking Mock tests, which can help me in cracking the test in first attempt.



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Hi Everyone, If you want to practice PMP sample question & answers (quizes) then please go through the link below: 


Good luck for PMP certification.

Hi Nag,

I can suugest you for good PMP mock test.

while considering mock exams, the quality of questions should be paid attention to.becoz mock should build your preparedness for the actual exam. too easy or too hard or monotonous questions might not be useful to judge the preparedness.

I have documented some study material, mock exam details at my blog. I hope you will find it useful

Below is my blog -

All the best for your studies

After reading the byteappstudio blog, I downloaded the free app PMP Exam Mentor. I suggest you also download it on any platoform as I currently use it for content and revision questions and flashcards. I also recommend using the links provided by others as the more you practice the better it is.

If you are looking for free tests then, you can find 3000+ questions here -

I would suggest that you read this article before taking the Exam - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam - Here you can find 1000 mock qestions for the practice. Also there is online training for the PMP exams.

I have taken mock twice, but do not know the application well, hence need to try once more.

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