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Hello All,

Many are providing various mock tests links. Im not sure about the competency level of those. I would like to request to add competency level also so that it will be very helpful. I would like to also request for mock test links where competency level is high. Currently im practicing mock tests on Rita fast track on my friend account, and I would like to know other sites which are tough in competency level. thanks very much in advance. :)

Paid mock test from PMSTUDY.COM is worth trying..!!

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  1. PMZilla 200 Questions - Competency level is Very High (4.5 on scale of 5). Covers the tough questions you will see in real exam. 
  2. Rita's Questions ---  say 4 out of 5
  3. Kim Heldmen questions - Very high (4.5 out of 5) - but some of these questions are not relevant for PMP, so can be avoided.
  4. PMStudy, PMTraining , Simplilearn  - I will rate 3.5 out of 5. but has relevant questions.
  5. Other questions set here will have lower competency , but still good practice for real exam. 


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Thank you very much admin for your response :)

Much appriciate!!

I would recommend Pmstudy, Pmpforsure, Oliver and Rita Fast Track.

Good luck!

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for your responses.


You must try mock tests from knowledgewoods as well. I came to know from a PM group on Linkedin and from many of my PMP friends that Knowledgewoods mock tests are among the best in the industry.

I am not sure however how to get them...sorry for that

I still suggest you can get some contact no. from their website where you can inquire about the mock tests. M giving KW website link below, just check :



I thought that PMStudy, Oliver and skillport (I had access through my job) were the most like the real thing.

You could visit the link and undertake the mock tests To take the free PMP practice test, you'll have to register on the Simplilearn website.

These are all great examples. I used PMstudy, Oliver Lehmann's questions, and a few others. Be sure your using questions based on the 5th Edition of the PMBOK. Take LOTS of mock tests as these will help you find key words for the exam. Remember there are some good apps out there for definitions, etc, too.

I am daily giving one mock test. my exam is scheduled on 15-sep.

I think one should not give follow 'as many as possible' approach for mock tests. Concentrate on quality mock tests, which are paid for obvious reasons. Aside, Oliver Lehmann, all free tests were not up to the mark. The explanations for answers are not valid.

I am using Rita tests now as it seems the most talked-off choice. I am not sure about my test on 15-sep but I will still give it a try. Let's see how it goes.

hi Faateh,

Thanks for sharing your experience prior to your PMP Exam. I need to take your advice on free mock tests , which I will be selective now !!! Anyway , don't worry much and concentrate on your exam prep. Good luck to you.

Just to put things into perspective, I would like to share what happened to me a couple of hours back.

I purchased mock test from Simplilearn for USD 15 and I give it a try. There was a question, saying,
A manager in Paris wants to communicate with his team member in China. Correct choice, as per exam results, mentioned that French manager will encode message from Chinese to French, and it will be decoded in French in China .. :)
Moreover, there were at least three questions mentioning Verify Scope as a process which is no longer valid as PMBoK 5th edition has replaced Verify Scope process with Validate Scope.

Those who are preparing for the PMP certification, I recommend you login to

Exam simulators and sample questions are often a very good indicator of your readiness to take the real-time exam.

Request you to share it with your friends and groups.

I have schudeled my test for May, right now I am scoring the next in Scordo, it's that enough to pass the exam? HELPPPPP PLEASEE!!! this is my thirth attemp


Mock Test Questions Result
Scordo LITE EXAM 50 73
Knowledge Area Quiz Project Management Framework Practice Questions 10 70
Knowledge Area Quiz Project Integration Management Practice Questions 10 90
Knowledge Area Quiz Project Scope Management Practice Questions 10 70
Knowledge Area Quiz Project Time Management Practice Questions 10 70
Knowledge Area Test: Project Cost Management 10 60
Knowledge Area Quiz Project Quality Management Practice Questions 10 80
Knowledge Area Test: Project Communications Management 10 100
Knowledge Area Test: Project Risk Management 10 60
Knowledge Area Test: Project Procurement Management 10 70
PMP Lite Mock Exam 16 50 78


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Only one test is not enough to determine your level. You need to take some more PMP mock tests. Your scores are good but not sure if its enough.

You should take mock tests from different sources to get full flavor of all types of questions



Thank you very much for your comment, right now I'm taking different mock test for many sources, like Kid Heldman and my score is the same, 70%-78% 

Thanks all for your advice, today I just have passed the exam on my thirth attempt.

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It is good that you are doing Rita's exams. Before you read ahead, you should read this article - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam

Your PMP Preparation Strategy should involve both free and paid tests
You should read this article before buying a paid exam - Best Way to Determine PMP Exam Passing Score

So, you should start with some reliable free tests before going to paid tests. You can start with  some reliable free Q - 3000+ Free PMP Sample Questions  and then buy a PMP Exam Simulator.

Here is a  detailed comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulators including FasTrack. You can read and find out the best one - Best PMP Exam Simulator

All the best.


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Here is a link to free PMP Mock exams.

We have the set of 50 PMP exam questions.

To know more detail about PMP and mock exam visit the link below.


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I would like to recommended for testudaan for free demo test.