@NISHA: Start with Christopher Scordo as it covers content of PMBOK and you can easily find out your gaps. You can read my experince here as I have listed out mock exams and my journey

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Check the free mock tests


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IMO not all Head first Questions are so easy. irrespective of difficulty level of question, you must be able to apply the understanding of PMBOK concepts for given question.

offcourse quality of questions does matter in order to assess your preparation. I suggest, instead of judging preparation by taking questions from one book, please try variopus sources of questions.

I have documented the study material, mock tests I took up during my preparation.

Below is my blog -


All the very best for you studies.

Hi Nisha,

I would like to share Free PMP Mock Test link here, which is going to help in your preparation. All our questions are updated to the latest PMBoK5 Guide standard. You can check your knowledge by using our Free Mock Test. Hope it helps you. All the Best.

-Melissa James

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It is good that you are looking for paid PMP practice exams. You should read this article - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam

However, your PMP Preparation Strategy should involve both free and paid tests
You should read this article before buying a paid exam - Best Way to Determine PMP Exam Passing Score

So, you should start with some reliable free tests before going to paid tests. You can start with  some reliable free Q - 3000+ Free PMP Sample Questions and then buy a PMP Exam Simulator.

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All the best.

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