PMP at first try


I wanted to share my little experience as I just got the PMP at my first try(3 P and 2 MP):

- Time for preparation: 2hours per working days and 4 by weekend during 2 months.
- Material used: PMBOK(read 1 time), Rita( read 1 time), Abhishek's Version - Rajesh Nair PMP Notes(a little time on it) and PMP exam Prep: Questions, Answers and explanations(1 week before the exam).

You need to understand the PMBOK very well in order to have a global idea over processes and knowledge areas relationship.
You need also to take in consideration that the 4 hours seems to be a long time but it was really short for me. I made 3h45m to complete the test.
So time management is a big deal during the exam.

I hope that you'll pass the PMP at your first time.
Good luck and keep studying :)


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 Great congratulations !