PMP !!! First Attempt

Dear Friends (Future Project Managers/ Project Managers),


I have cracked PMP... Hardwork, Prayers of the loved ones and God's Blessings.... n one more.... MOTIVATION... especially if someone under estimates your POWER.... These factors have led me to this milestone..

To start with let me go from the END!!!

The 2 minutes before the white screen tells you... CONGRATULATIONS!!! those are the hardest 2 minutes of your life to spent....

My preparations started in the month of July 2014... Dont Panic!! Such a long duration of 7 months is not required.. What I meant is .. I came to know about PMP.. Its value...and I collected infos regarding the exam in the month of Jul 2014.. Special thanks to my room mate who has helped me with the initial details and support.. 


Serious Preparation:

Like many of you, I am a working professional. Unfortunately my working timings are strange like morning 7 :30 to evening 8:00.. ( HECTIC Right ??).. My preparation seriously started when I was literally demotivated by my senior... ( SPECIAL Thanks to you SIR !!!)..  To all the people out there I tell.. Dont under estimate others... Because you DONT know or you cannot judge one's POWER...

Being daily demotivated.. ( if you have read Theory Y in Human Resource Management ) I decided to start from Nov 1st week.. with daily study time of 2 hours a day ( when i was at the peak of demotivation) . Scheduled my exam on January 14th..

Kept a COUNTDOWN TIMER on my mobile.. every second I see my mobile.. the adrenaline rushes.. i remember the demotivators... i dream of the 3 letter word..

Study Materials

1) PMBOK --- dont miss reading this guys.. have read it 2 times.. page to page.. word to word.... To check your strength of understanding PMBOK, take Scorbo's tests ( if you are a PMI member).. You will know your gaps of reading PMBOK

2) Rita ---  Its my favourite book.. book of understandings through excercise.... and PM fastrack.. a super simulation software... but strictly use the software as given in the book.

3) Free Tests from - Oliver Lehmann ( 75 + 175 ), Simplilearn, PM Study, PMZilla.

Dont worry I will let you know my scores 

Oliver Lehmann 75 - 53 %

Oliver Lehmann 175 - 74 %

Simplilearn - 66 % 

PM study - 77%

Scorbo - 75 - 95%

Rita Fastrack - PMP - 69 and 70 % two times

Super PMP - 69.5 %

PMZilla 30 questions - 12 questions were right..

and guys its not the number of tests you take that matter.. But the after test analysis you make... Take a note of all your mistakes.. review this the last day.. REALLY Its really helpful...

4) The most helpful study material .. My motivation website... daily i go through here.. read the lessons learned and success stories of others.. I start dreaming... and dreamt of writing my lessons learned... and today ( ITS HAPPENING !!!. Guys reading this -- YOU WILL also do the same.. Have dream.. YOU WILL ROCK !! )

5) Technology - Use the apps guys.. ITTO, PM Prep, there are many.. I used it daily while going from home to office and back from office to home.. in the 10 minutes drive.

December First week.. my status. read Rita once.. PMBOK half is done.. Work pressure mounts my head. i cant concentrate.. there came a solution to my mind.. POSTPOND the exam.. which I strictly dont recommend others.. In my case, I did it because, I knew I cannot make it with distractions from all end.. Postponed to feb 2015. with the decision in mind to go to my HOME... and study.. Yes I resumed working without concentrating on my studies till Jan mid... Jan third week I went home...

Guys going home after one year break.. I am a bachelor.. but do have a loving family... The support and care my parents, my brother, my in laws, my cousins, even my neigbours gave me.... No words to express... Lots of thanks for them... I studied 12 hours a day.. continously for 10 days... Covered all the things which I mentioned above... flew back to my the country where i work on feb 3rd ... was emotionally weak.. but recovered it with a 15 minutes phone call to my family...  feb 4th my exam. 

Exam day.

Lots of pressure.. I shouldnot lie RIGHT.. but kept cool.. as I have preapared and have put in my whole hearted effort. again Dreamt while going to exam centre in the cab..

Reached there well in time.. gave my address proof. they checked and let me in..

the crucial 4 hours of my life started..

There is no point in sharing the questions i got with you ( as it will be different for each person) and also I shouldn't do that :)

But one thing, If you done all the tings I have given above... You are sure.. you will tell... OH!! I have seen this somewhere. 

Yes guys the questions I saw where NEW.. But the concept of the questions I knew it before.. had a swing in my coonfidence in the middle of the exam  seeing some concepts for the first time in my life.. but regained back .. seeing calculation questions...

In the END got the much anticipated message!!!! CONGRATULATIONS

Special thanks to my room mates who kept silent while i was studying... my colleagues who motivated me... My Parents.. My Brother..My In laws..God Almighty !!! and at large---- the DEMOTIVATOR.... 










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One of the best Lessons Learned I read till today...!!!

Wish you all the best for bright future.


Naeem Farooqui, PMP

Thank you Mr.Farooqui.
Wish you the same.

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Congratulations and thanks for this post

Fantastic!!! It's really inspiring. Keep it up. :)



Thank You Mr. Ravi.


your LL really very motivating.....:)

Thank You Ms.Dipti

Dear PMP aspirants,

I forgot to mention this self designed tool in Excel, which i found useful for corelating ( donot memorize ) the ITTOs.

If you are familiar with excel, then use the help of PIVOT tables. 

First of all enter all the ITTOs knwoledge area wise like Integration - I,T,O then Scope - I,T,O

Then using pivot table and filter as per your requirement.

and as 99% of you are using smartphones i hope you can search for ITTO app in android market