PMP Exam Tip: Manage The Time During Your PMP Exam

One important recommendation I have for those taking the PMP Exam
is that to manage the time allotted to answer each question on the
exam. Call it budgeting, call it time management, call it whatever you
want; but do it! You need to walk into the examination room with a
clear plan on how many questions you will answer per hour, when you
plan on taking a break, and what you will do if time seems to be
running out.

Remember that the exam is composed of 200 questions
that you must answer within 4 hours. That's 1.2 minutes per question.
Once you begin, the clock starts and will not stop even when you take a
break. So plan your approach - say for the first 2 hours, answer all
easy questions first and mark those difficult ones for later. Be sure
to read all the questions carefully and understand them before  you
answer. Then take a 10 minute break before going back to the harder
questions for the rest of the allotted time. By doing this you will be
able to finish the whole exam on time.

But that's just one of
many possible approaches and you should define your own. And by having
a plan and implementing it you will relieve a lot of the exam pressure.
So plan well, and budget your time wisely to succeed.

Until Next Time,
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
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