PMP Exam taking question - Creating a brain dump

Hi All,

I am planning to take the PMP exam in another one month and hence in the initial phase of my preparation.

Going through some of the books, it appears to me, durng the exam,  it might be a good strategy to prepare some kind of brain dump in the first 10 to 15 minutes, like writing down all the 42 processes, along with some of the calculation formulae in a piece of sheet and keep them handy during the course of the remaining period of the course.

From your opinion, does it look like a proper strategy and also whether it is even allowed to do this, as part of the exams?

Appreciate your input.

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Its very much allowed and a best practice. If you get tough questions and if you get nervous, brain dump will come handy. You dont have to worry about remembering anything, just relax and answer the questions.