PMP Exam Questions Types

Hey dudes, let me share with you the complete types of questions the PMP Exam has.

Types of questions

The exam has several types of questions:

Situational: The majority of questions are situational. In other words, you need the experience to know what they are talking about. These can be difficult. I include many of these in the test prep questions in this book, and they start something like this:
Assume you are the PM on a project to upgrade the physical security on a university campus.

Then you review a situation:

The Dean of Students wants to make sure that all campus housing can only be accessed by the student, faculty, or staff ID cards. The Security Director states that the only way to provide 100% security is to use a biometric scanner. The Finance Director doesn’t care what you do as long as you reduce the current operating costs by 15%.

Finally, the question:
What document should you use to record the expectations of each of these stakeholders?

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