Is the PMP exam questions tested for validity?

WOW! I must be one disappointed person to asked this question....I FAILED! ...on my first attempt  today! And that's after reading the PMBOK, 5 days prep course lecture notes, Rita's Exam prep guide and the software Fastrack, Headfirst PMP, Video and audio lessons as well as try out more than 1000s sample questions online and offline.  The questions that I had was totally unlike those that I have encountered. Less than 10 long questions, most only two to three lines questions, only one on Critical Path, two on EVM calculations. Most are on the first four process groups and few on Professional ethics. I had done many preparations on the EVM type of calculations and Critical paths but was totally surprised that less than 5 of those came out!  The questions were straightforward, not tricky but the worse part were the answers were all seem  to be correct. I realised than I had to pick the Best answer!

In the other discussion threads, some said it's important to remember the 42  processes, well I agreed that would help for my exam today, but some threads say there's no need to memorise. So what's helpful?

I have a friend who had prepared only for 8 days (due to busy schedules) yet he passed!  He had more questions on formulaes and I'm wondering...if each exam questions are randomly generated for different candidate, wouldn't it look like lottery where if you are lucky, you get questions that happened to be in your favor? Is it fair? In the school system, everyone gets the same questions...but not the PMI exam.

What's next for me? Well I'll registering for another test date soon..I do not see the point to delay and will just continue to read through whatever materials I had. I had one more go, beyond that, I would be too dead-broke and too brain-drained to see any value in the certification. Wish me LUCK and to those taking the exam..all the best!   




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I can empathize with you. Try to read from PMBoK and Rita, focus more on giving practice tests. I would suggest take the free tests on PMZilla too.

I know exactly how you feel. I also failed the first time and I'm schedule to re-take it on the 19th of March. I'm really stress out about this exam. I wish I could you pass it and get it over with (and have my life back ;-)


I wish you luck!


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