Tips to Pass PMP Exam in 30 Days

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PMBOK 6th edition is the best book for the PMP exam Preparation along with Testudaan simulator to practice questions. Testudaan provides PMP Question papers based on PMBOK 6th Edition. Two day's ago I posted a question on where a student shared his experience about PMP Exam. He shared his experience as "Best coaching is done by self study, I Passed PMP above target just by Consistent self study & practice online free exams. Best book is PMBOK guide 6 from which almost 95 % question came. Questions mostly are situational based, Numerical are very simple formula based."

Few tips from me:

- Study PMBOK 6th edition 2–3 times
- 4 Full Length practice papers on Testudaan simulator
- Practice to do questions fast as time is key factor.

All the best.

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