PMP Exam Prepration

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Hi, I am preparing for the PMP certification exam, Is it important to remember INPUT, OUTPUT, TOOLS & TECHNIQUE for the exam.




Hi Yadav,

Yes, In irder to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam you should memorize the PMBOK Guide’s ITTOs (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs).

Hi Jithendra,

It is difficult to memorize all the ITTOs. you may get confused during the actual exam. Refer the forum. Many members have shared their trips,tricks for the ITTOs.

People say may things and I was at the same place where you are a few months back. I say Yes. It helps and will get you a minimum of 10-20 questions correct if you memorize ITTO. You can test by yourself. Pick amy MOCK test and see how many additional questions you can get correct when you have a hard copy of ITTO with you !!

You need to read, read and read. It is not a bad idea to also look at the past exams to get the feel for it. - Paul Savramis