PMP Exam Preparation Tips Needed

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Hello All

So I have signed up for the PMP exam which is on 4th June.

So far what I have done is:

- Completed one full reading of PMBOK 4th Edition

- Complete one full reading of Rita Mulcahy's Book

- Completed individual unit tests of each knowledge area from RM's CD


What should I do next? 

I still have to give one full mock test yet.

So I was thinking the next immediate step for me would be to give RM's full mock test.



Moving forward, following is what my timeline looks like:

9/10/11/12 May: Give First Mock Test + Go over weak areas

13-19 May: ????

20-26 May: Have signed up for a PMP Bootcamp course which will help me revise PMBOK 2nd time

27-31 May: Revise Rita Mulcahy Book again

1st June: Give Another Full Mock Test

2/3 June: Relax and revise minor notes/formulas



Please provide some tips/suggestions of what else should I read or do or where should I take additonal exams from ?


Thanks in advance for all your help





I found a webinar that would help you to understand the changes between pmbok4/pmbok5 and will also help you to prepare for PMP in a better way. Hope the link helps you..