PMP Exam preparation shortcut

Hi All,


Could you please advise how to prepare of PMP exam?


is there any shortcut or some chart for I/p tool and output?


Thanks a lot in Advance!




Hi sudha,

PMP Exam is not about ITTO.  Buk of the exam has situational questions. Nonetheless, you can read this - 7 Strategies to Answer PMBOK ITTO Questions

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Hi Sudha

  1. start by reading the experiences and LL Posted by on PMZilla , you will learn a lot and based on that you can make the study plan
  2. There are many techniques and post on pmzilla for tools and ITTO. Do go through that

Simply use the search feature on this website, there is wealth of info here.

Hi sudhakar,

PMP is a serious exam and you need to put up a serious effort preparing for the exam. While the amount of time people put in varies from one individual to another, it took me around 3 months for PMP exam prep. I am listing below a few things that I have done that helped me clear PMP.

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Hello Sudha,

let it say loud and clear:


NO, ther is NO shortcut to becoming a PMP.

It needs time, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm, discipline and a lot of hard work.

But there is guidance which could help you to choice the right way for your preparation and helps to avoid wasting time by doing the wrong things.

Please refer to the following guide for further information:

The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification” :

Creating Your PMP Study Plan - The Complete Guide

You also should join the biggest and most active PMP community in the world:

And may be this very new program here might be interesting for you:

"let me be your PMP guide" - program

Hope this helps a bit.




Hi Sudha

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to the Exam. You have to study for it in a dedicated manner to be successful. The most important place to attain most of your knowledge is the PMBOK itself. Once you have read the PMBOK, you can move on to the book by Rita Mulachy. Beginning your preparation can often be the hardest challenge to overcome. There are plenty of resources that you can use in your preparation. I can suggest downloading our free 'PMP Exam Mentor' based on PMBOK 5th edition. It is available on all platforms and has content about all 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas (covering all the 47 processes and their ITTOs). Additionally, with 40 Project Framework topics, 576 Glossary terms/concepts, 79 formulas and 151 tips, there are so many ways to learn and enhance your knowledge. Once you have learnt and understood all the contents, revise your knowledge with 688 flashcards and 1200 questions to practice extensively. Here are the links for your reference.

Good luck with your studies

There are several web resources available online. You just need type PMP exam tutorial on the search bar of Google, you can get plenty of sites that offer free tutorials.
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You can go to PMP blog and download free PMP Exam Prep guide.  This guide gives information about

  • Eligibility Criteria for PMP Exam
  • Pros & cons of different modes of training
  • A good PMP exam preparation schedule
  • Best study material for the exam prep

Good luck.

Hello Sudha.

I can advice you this web resource to prepare to your exam

It has all ITTO's and knowledge areas diagrams (including all calculations) in convinient form to learning. So you don't need every time turn over the leaves finding certain chapter. Hope it will usefull for you!:)


A shortcut is also a good advice ! An advice from someone who has experienced the situation, in this case the exam, and can guide you to the useful material and practice that can save you a lot of time and increase the eficiency of learning.  Take a look at previous exam questions and do the practice



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There are no certain shortcuts for preparing PMP. The only way is to join in a good & well trained experience faculty institute