PMP Exam Preparation


Am enrolled  PMP exam in month of October 2015, would like to get idea how can prepare smart way to pass exam in 1st attempt? Thanks!!



Hi Pramod,

Sharing a link of a very good video regarding how to plan your study

The video talks about what should be the ideal study plan for PMP certification. The trainer
recommends a Lifecycle approach for PMP certification. Find details of the three stages of
the lifecycle approach that includes know, master and practice in the video. 

A good study plan can make your PMP Exam preparation journey fast and enjoyable.

All the best!!

Thanks Jyoti for your reply, it really helps me.


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The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification”:


        1. What does PMP Stand for?

        2. What are the PMP Requirements?

        3. What is the PMP Application Process?

        4. How is my PMP Work Experience Verified?

        5. Is There an Age Limitation to Take the Exam?

        6. Is the PMP Exam Hard?

        7. What is the PMP Pass Rate?

        8. When Does the PMP Exam Change?

        9. What are the PMP Certification Exam Dates?

        10. What is the Difference Between CAPM vs PMP?

        11. How to Prepare for PMP

        12. What is a Good PMP Study Plan?

        13. What is the Secret of How to Pass the PMP on the First Try?

        14. What is PMBOK?

        15. Do I Have to Memorize the PMBOK® Guide to Pass the PMP Exam?

        16. Is the PMBOK® Guide Enough or do I Need More PMP Certification Study Material?

        17. How many PMP Study Materials should I use?

        18. Which is the Best PMP Book?

        19. Can I Pass the Exam with PMP Self Study?

        20. Can a PMP Instructor Help me Succeed?

        21. What is a PMP Mock Exam?

        22. How do I Select a PMP Exam Simulator?

        23. How do Simulators Compare to PMP Real Exam Questions?

        24. How Many PMP Sample Exam Questions Should I Answer?

        25. What is the Best Way to Learn PMP Formulas?

        26. How Many PMP Formula Questions Can I Expect?

        27. What is a PMP ITTO?

        28. Do I Have to Memorize all PMP ITTOs to Pass the Exam?

        29. What is the Best Way to Study and Remember the PMP ITTO?

        30. What goes onto a PMP Brain Dump?

        31. What is the PMP Study Time?

        32. How do I manage the PMP Exam Time?

        33. How do I Know That I'm Ready to Taking the PMP Exam?


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Begin your PMP Study with the PMI Credentials Handbook:

You Must Know The PM Plan for Your PMP Exam Success

Create a PMP Study Plan to Prepare for Success

The Secret Of Creating Your PMP Brain Dump


        1. What is a PMP Brain Dump Sheet?

        2. What goes into PMP Dumps?

        3. Where can I find a PMP Cheat Sheet PDF?

        4. How do I Study with a PMP Cheat Sheet?

        5. So What IS The Secret of Creating My PMP Exam Brain Dump Sheet?

Should you learn ITTOs by Heart?

Ten Reasons To Use PMP Exam Flash Cards as a PMP Exam Study Material

How To Prepare for and Pass the PMP Certification Exam


How to Get PMP Certification Using Four Study Techniques

        Technique 1 – Reading and Highlighting / Underlining the PMBOK Guide and PMI Code of Ethics

        Technique 2 – Using PMP Flashcards

        Technique 3 – Taking Notes on the PMBOK Guide and PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

        Technique 4 – Taking a PMP Practice Exam


Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Best of luck!



PS: For anybody who plans to prepare for the PMP Exam, just have a look here:

There is a free version available also:

This site provides the best online preparation course (this is my personal opinion!) available out there and a whole lot of additional learning stuff and other helpful tools.

One of my favorites is the "PMP study coach" which works like your own personal PMP study plan or navigator. You may have a closer look here:


Hi Markus,

Thanks for details and have already started preparation , Enrolled for exam in October.





Seek out like-minded people to study with. It makes studying a lot more fun and also more productive. When you get stuck you'll have someone to help you. And when they don't understand something that you do understand, you can explain it to them. Actually, the best way to really solidify your knowledge of something is to explain it to someone else. 

Just google "study partner" and you would find websites which actually are dedicated to this purpose. A StudyPal profile would have the person's strength, weakness, d-day, study time preference, location preference and all mentioned. This would make your task a hell lot easier.

Hi Pramod,

Project Management Professional (PMP) is not an easy exam to attempt. Lasting for 4 hours, it has 200 multiple choice questions, of which one has to answer at least 106 correctly to qualify. The exam is designed to be extremely difficult so that only the best candidates can get the certification. This is the reason why PMP holds immense value and its certificate holders get paid handsomely.

I would like to share few important links here which are going to help your preparation, and how to clear PMP.

1) How to prepare for PMP Certification?

2) Efficient Tricks to Prepare for the PMP Exam

3) PMP exam to change in 2015

4) Free Resources for PMP Preparation

Note: November 1, 2015 is the last date to test under prevailing version of PMP.


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Hi Pramod,

You still have quite some time to go. But it will be best to start now. You can do it in six steps if you have not applied yet. But since you have already done so, perhaps you can read through the 6 steps here and go through what you have not done yet. Good luck.

Thaks for Tips and detailed  about PMP prepration. Already have started preparation and enrolled for exam in October.


Do i need to worry as syllabus is going to be changed from November..will i be geting new syllabus question in October as well ?




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Did you know this link already?


PMCOE..thanks for letting me know. I was aware about this but my question over here am appearing examination in October but chnages are from Novemeber, do i need to still go through these new changes?




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Hi there,

as long as you take your exam before November 1st; don't worry.


Hello I am preparing for PMP exam and I need a Study partner. I have found StudyPal a great platform where we can share notes and fix schedules to study . It is a free resource and highly user friendly . besides this there are StudyGurus who have cleared the exam and can guide us well in prrparation . Most of my friends are using it and they speak highly of it. Join me today on Studypal. Best Wishes.