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I have been reading the posts here for a while, and I promised myself that once I passed the exam, I would post for the first time to contribute to the aspirants.  Well, today is the day.  I just passed the exam, and here's my recommendation.

A lot of people posted how difficult the exam was, and I'm not going to disagree with it.  However, people shouldn't feel discouraged about it, like I did at one point.  The exam is difficult, but very doable if you study hard and commit to it.  Don't pay attention to people who said they had to study for years to pass the exam; nor listen to people who said that they only studied for two weeks.  Everyone is different, and so are the ways we study and how we absord the material.  Some people have to study more; some people can study less. You should study until you are confortable with the material and able to apply the it in real life.  You WILL know when you are ready, and your confidence will come with it.  That's when you take exam, and you will pass.  But don't lie to yourself that you are more prepared than you really are; otherwise, you will not pass.  Focus on yourself and in your studies only.  Use the posts as resources, but don't let it guide you.

One final recommendation.  Do some simulation tests before you take the exam, but use reputable websites, like Headfirst (this is the best, in my opinion , and it's free), PMStudy, Oliver, etc.  You may need to pay for some, but it's well worth it.  If you only use freebies, it's not enough.  There are a lot of questions out there that were not updated for the 4th ed of PMBOK; a lot of bad questions that you will never see in the exam; and innacuracies that will cause you a lot of confusion. 

 Best of luck!!!  You'll feel great after you pass!

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Congratulations tschang and thank you for your comments and LL



Congratulations, tschang!

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