PMP Exam in next week

My PMP exam is in next week. Following are the scores which i got from various mock test.

Scordo (9-18)                                                 74%

PMP exam simulator (Exam 1 to Exam 8)      78%

Oliver Lehmann -175                                     64%

PMStudy                                                         71%

Izenbridge (100Qs)                                          72%


Based the above average scores, whether its enough to clear pmp exam next week.

Hello -

Yes, the scores tells that you are in the passing benchmark. I consider Oliver as a tough test and securing 64% is a good score. If you have time take more tough tests from Pmzilla, Pmzest, Rita FT.
Keep reading PMBOK daily and nothing big from your end is needed now. Best of luck.
Here is my LL posted here:
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Hi All

I Passed PMP exam today in first attempt. The scores are 1P 3MP 1BP. Majority Questions were from PMBOK. Around 8 to 10 EVM sums. Questions regarding Network diagram(3 to be exact) were little tough and they came when exam was nearing end. Few Qs were lengthy.

Thanks Rohit and others for guidance.



Hi Jeevan,

Your scores are looking good. I would like to share one more Free PMP Practice Exams link here. You can try this one also. All the best for your PMP.

You are doing good and should always be aiming to get around 70% in all practice exams. If you are interested in doing more questions or just revising the content before the exam, you can download our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor'  for 770 questions and 386 flashcards. Additionally, we have content for revision from PMBOK 5th edition that would be helpful before you sit the exam. You can download the app here

Good luck with your studies