PMP Exam cleared on 20th Sept

Got PMP certified in 1st attempt on Friday 20th Sept  with 3P's and 2 MP's . The end result was worth the five month effort especially having to go through the audit part . 

As others have mentioned before in this Forum ensure you go through the PMBOK . I read it four times .

The tests which I feel helped me are oliverlehmann's and tests by Christopher Scordo available on .

The PMP exam are simple but many a times words a twisted and you need to be alert to identify it .

The numericals are simple enough as long you know the concept and formulaes .Lots of situational and diagrams based Question. No need to mug up the ITTO's but you need to know where they come from .

eg : If its mentioned about Rewards and Recoginition you need to be aware that we are in the Develop team process . The key is to remain alert for the four exam hours .Ensure you give online mock exams which have long durations .

I took five months to prepare since one month was spent in the Audit process.

All the best for your exams

 Dear Friend,

        Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.