PMP Exam Changes 11 January

Hi - I am preparing for PMP exam and planning to take it up by end of January 2016. However I read in PMI website that 11th January is the last date to give PMP exam in current version. This has lead to few questions :-

1. The current version of PMBOK that I am referring is 5th edition. Will there be any update to PMBOK 5th edition as well ? Do I need to refer to new version post 11th January? 

2. Will there be any change in the source obtaing 35 hrs of project management education? I mean to say if I am refering a material X which is approved PMI document to obtain 35 hrs of project management education , can I still follow the same document X inspite of the above mentioned date?

3. How soon a person can take the PMP exam post changes they are referring to.

I might have missed some important info in PMI website which might have answered my all above questions, but as of now I donnt have any clue.


Appreciate your help in advance


Amitesh Sharma

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this article should answer all your questions:

in short:

1. No, PMBoK Guid eis not changing

2. No, you 35h is still valid.

3. As soon as you want, even at Jan 12th ...




Thank You very much!!! The article really clarified most of the confusions that I had. Do let me know if my below assumptions are correct :-

1. The course material is changing and so any aspirant planning to take test after 11 january 2016 should wait untill new course material is available from PMI registered education providers .

2. The old version of the test (prior 11 January) is into existence for quite a long time and so enough of dump,course materials and mock tests are availabe online. In order to get the same level (quality & quantity) of courese content for new version of exam it may take some time. Should aspirant wait for atleast 2 months (post 11 january) before attempting exam?

Again, Thanks a lot and appreciate your help.



Amitesh Sharma


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Hi Arnitesh,

since the content isn't changing there is imho no need that long until new sample questions/mock exams are available.

If you feel well prepared now or shortly after exam change date, you can take exam.

If you need more confidence regarding the cahnges than, yes, you have to wait a while until there are some experinces with the new exam and all the providers could align their materail along this expereinces.

But this will proably need some more time than only 2 month.





One last valuable advice from you

I am midway in my preparation and would say that I have read PMBOK 50%. It may easily take 1 month to read it completly and refer other course content post which I will start taking up mock tests ( 1/2 weeks). Going by that plan I should be ready to take test by 1st Feb. However my confidence level will be dependent on the mock tests/scores. But if I am not attempting the latest mock test I might me not that confident and again I am assuming that mock tests will take some time to include new course structure.

Can you please advice how should I proceed?  Wait and give after I get to see new pattern mock tests, questions & contents or continue my current preparation and give exam based on whatever is new content is available by 1st feb ( based on my current plan I decided to take it on 1st feb)

Thank you

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Hi, once again:

content and structur and also related sample questions/mock exams will not change THAT much.

So, i would also recommend to stick to your plan, get the confidentially level you need to be ready and than go for it.

And even if you will fail first time (what may have many reasons but probalby not the new changes) well, tahn you have at least two more trys. If you really experience big differences in the real exam while your first try, well than you may be one of the first guys who has the opportunity to align his preparations along this.

But once again: by all what we know offcial so far, the changes espacially to the content will max be minor.

Don't be that afraid.




Hello Amitesh,

The PMP exam pattern change was scheduled to change from 01 November 2015. However, to allow all stakeholders additional time to prepare for the updated Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, the date has moved to 11 January 2016.

Here’s an outline of added tasks: 



Domain 1   

Initiating the Project   3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8

Domain 2

Planning the Project   1 Task added – Task 13

Domain 3

Executing the Project   2 Tasks added – Task 6, Task 7

Domain 4

Monitoring and controlling the project  2 Tasks added – Task 6, task 7

Domain 5

 Closing the project No new tasks added


You can click here for more information and Free PMP Resources.

Hi Amitesh,


PMBOK Guide has not changed. You can refer to these three articles.

1. When will PMBOK Guide 6th Edition be Published?

2. What are PMP Exam Changes for January 2016?

3. Frequently Asked Question on Change in PMP Exam


Best of luck