PMP Exam application template. (v2.0)

The first major obstacle to getting ready for the exam is the PMP exam application. Those who have done this in the past will appreciate how this process is a project in itself!! Laughing

I have seen various application templates on the net, some useful and some not worth the effort. I am sharing my version for those of you interested in filling the application.

Visit my blog for the URL:


This is theupdated version and has the ability to calculate unique non-overlapping project experience.

Based on the educational background the spreadsheet also determines the project experience required.

I have retained the older version for people who prefer to compute things by themselves (damn cynics!! Laughing)

Let me know your comments and feedback!



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Why do you need template for application. Its an online system and you just need to put the hours there.

Good question. You are right that the application is an online form, but there are a few like me who would like to capture things down into an offline form (i'm comfortable with excel) before transposing the data into the online form. Call us finicky. :)


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Just released the updated version. See the thread above for details!

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