PMP eligibility


A quick question.
If someone completed 4 years of education .....
Then completed PMP classroom training in May 2013 (as per old PMBOK 4th Edition)

And started working on projects around November 2014

Now completed 3 years on project in November 2017

Question is:

1. Is that ok to complete 35 hours education first(2013) and work on projects later(2014 to 2017)?

2. Is it necessary to study 35 hours during experience or after experience.

I am asking this question because I changed organisation in 2014 and moved abroad after 2014. Now if audit comes that it would be complicated situation to ask my old company manager to send documents to PMI (he may not cooperate) and also it will be time consuming to send documents to different country.

So idea is to show 35 hours education (2013) and 3 years experience from current organisation and current location to avoid any delay and hassle.


Project management professional exams are a little difficult in comparison to other exams.I know as one of the topics in my socialpilot was PMP certification. Wish I could answer your question. I feel it is not necessary to study for 35 hours during experience.

Hi, answering questions in the format you have asked:

1. The 35 contact hours you have gained during 2013 is sufficient.
2. Recommend you to study 35 hours now, as current PMP exam follows PMBOK 6th Edition


Any project management education that you have gone through has to be properly documented and presented when PMI selects you for an audit randomly. Considering the situation you have stated, it is highly unlikely that you can get documents.

1. You can go through a bit of hassle with your previous manager and ask him to present the documents digitally through email? (Is this related to the work experience or the project management training hours?)

2. If it is for proving your 35 contact hours from your previous company, do not go through the hassle. PMP exam is tough and you have studied PMBOK 4th Edition. Current PMP exam follows PMBOK 6th Edition as mentioned earlier, you need to keep yourself updated on the 10 modules and 49 processing units.

To just compare,

PMBOK 4th Edition has:

• 10 modules
• 42 processes

PMBOK 6th Edition has:

• 10 modules (Different from the 4th Edition – name changes, focus on broad scope)
• 49 processes

You should attend PMP Training which currently follows the latest standards and gives you an overview, assistance for the exam. Assuming in this 3 years you have become a successful project manager, my answer would still be the same.


You will need to prove your 35 hours of project management education. Also, studying to improve yourself as a project manager must be the main goal rather than relying on the knowledge you have gained in 2013.

Both Education and Experience are required.
To understand more about PMP, you can look at the following links -

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This guide gives complete information about PMP Exam, including:
- Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam
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Good luck!

It is good to have the PMP eligibility. - Steven C Wyer