PMP based on PMBok 5

 Hi All,

Can all of you (who have passed the PMP after July 31st) help me understand what is the general break-up of questions like?

  • How many Numericals & what types? (Contracts, EVM, PTA, Communication Channels, FS-SS etc)
  • How many from HR/ Communication (I dont see a lot of good information anywhere on these chapters so unsure how many questions come and how typical/ confusing are these. 
  • How many from Risk and Procurement and what types?
  • Very Important: how many from the first 3 chapters of PMBok? Havent read these thoroughly. Should I?
  • Again very important: How many from Intergration?
  • Closing: One of my weak areas, what exactly should I study here? Which chapters? Close Project/ Phase & Close Procurements? Anything else?

All who have given tests recently would be of great help!


 I don't have any PMP book yet but looking forward to at least someone is going to share it here.


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 You can only deduce yourself from the LL shared on PMZilla, There is no set breakup like this. 

 I suggest you cover as much ground as you can, instead of spending your time and effort worrying on things that no one other than PMI can control :)

Hi Friends,

I am from Delhi/NCR and I am looking for PMBOK 5 Edition.

If anybody who cleared PMP exam and doesn't need this book anymore please let me know.

Thanks, Pravin Sangwan -

Great Questions Karan!

For more up to date information on this I'd see a resource like Crush the PM. They break down each section of each exam by question type, which study hacks work for each section, and which of the best PMP review courses is best for you - based on your specific learning style. Hope that helps!


PMI does not say how many questions come from different topics. Only split across PG is known - PMP Exam Format.

It is important to study the whole PMBOK Guide. All the processes are related - processes across different KA, processes across PG. Even a single question talks about diferent processes, so it is difficult to say what KA does the Q belong to.

It is more important to check if a candidate is sready for the exam or not. You should check this article - Best Way to Determine PMP Exam Passing Score

Good luck.