PMP Audit Approved

I wanted to share my audit expericen story.
Folks my application was selected for an audit in April 2014
I was kind of disaapointed as i prepared well all my documentation including my experience content.
I reviewed my experience content multiple times to ensure my application goes smoothely and gets accepted.
Anyhow, when i received email from PMP that my application is approved i was happy and paid the fee to take exam date.
when i clicked on to select the date next screen popped up from no where my application got selected for an Audit.
i was kind of scared that what if my application doesnt go through etc..
however, since i still had good relations with my managers i was able to complete the audit package in two days.
I reviewed my audit application package and mailed it out to PMP.
Funny part :-)
two days after mailing my package i received notification from PMP that my audit application has been receieved.
2 MINUTES after that i recieved a notification that my audit has been approved.
I was happy and laughing as it was received in 2 days and approved in 2 minutes..
Now i am preparing for my certificatioin and planning really hard to take the exam by end of June 2014..
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Thanks for sharing.

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I already plan the real exam on 09-Jul

Can you share what will you study on this time?

I mainly do Rita fast track, pmstudy paid test and again and again review rita exam prep

i have been studying PMBOKv5 and Andy Crowe + PM zilla recommended question bank, sites etc..

After reading both the books, i am planning to take the simulated tests given by my paid pmstudy center...

i will keep you posted on the sites etc..
feel free to share your thoughts/planning