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Hello, I had a very quick question while filling PMP Application. I realize that I do have a couple of projects (each spanning more than 1 year) for which I am unable to reach out to the Supervisor.

I will still be eligible for 4500 hours without reporting these projects on my application. Can I still go ahead and submit the application without these projects? or would these gaps of 1/2 years in experience on my application because of absence of these projects be red flags for a potential audit. Kindly assist!

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In case you are audited you will have to get the letter from supervisor and submit to PMI. So only show the experience which can be endorsed.



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Its ok to have Gap in experience, and in total you need 4500 hours of experience in last 8 years. Even the application filling system will not count the experience if it goes beyond 8 years... so you do not worry system will take care of it.


Here is a video on filling up application form which you may find useful  :

It is OK to mention the name of any person who worked with you in your project.
However, you should fill your application honestly. Application approval is easy and audit, if it happens, is also easy. But the real exam is tough. Real experience is helpful in passing the exam.
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All the best.