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Hi everyone, I am new to the PMP certification application process. I would love to take the exam in December. Any advice and/or help on filling out the application form? Suggestions will be much appreciated. :)

To understand more about the PMP process, you can visit the following link and download free PMP Exam Prep guide -
How To Get PMP Certification?

This guide gives complete information about PMP Exam, including:
- Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam

- Pros & cons of different modes of training

- Study approach to pass the exam in first attempt

- Suggested PMP exam preparation schedule

- Recommended study material for the exam prep

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What Happens When You Apply For PMP Exam(VIDEO inside!)?
1. Apply for PMP exam online or by paper form
2. Get notified about you PMP Exam Schedule
3. Schedule your PMP exam right away
4. Establish your PMP exam study plan
5. Take the PMP exam

PMP Exam Tip: What to Write in Your PMP Exam Application?