Where to start preparation for pmp

I would highly recommend Encertify for an all round preparation for PMP exam. In collaboration with PMstudy, Encertify provides the most popular and time tested PMP exam preparation courses at a very affordable cost.

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I would like to provide you some helpful links to kick start your PMP Preparation;
here is our so called “PMP Prep starting tool kit”:


Kick off your PMP Preparation with


The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification” :


One of the eligibility criteria is, to obtain 35 contact hours in project management education by a so called “Registered Education Provider” (R.E.P.).

Therefore you can choose between a lot of offers out there, starting by live classes/bootcamps (mostly 3 to 5 days long and relatively expensive) ending with self-paced online training courses.
You have to find out and decide which of those fits you and you’re learning approaches best.


Here is a link to

The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education


I would recommend an online training course:” The PMP PrepCast” by Cornelius Fichtner which i have used by myself for preparation (passed the exam on 24th of August 2015!); you may have a look here: Prep Cast:

There is also some free stuff available: ☛


If you more the type of guy who wants to create her/his very own study plan, than you should have a look to this complete guide here:


Creating Your PMP Study Plan - The Complete Guide


I hope this tips are a bit helpful for you.


Please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions.