PMP 5 pass / fail please share your lessons learned

Dear Friends,

I would appreciate if anyone who has passed the PMP 5. Please share your experience


Dheeraj Pal

Today’s it’s the 6th day since the new PMP exam is in place. Not sure why there is no LL posted so far. It’s hard to believe no one took the exam in these 6 days. I am also waiting for some LL before I plan for the exam.



Historically, very few people have taken the exam in the initial days after a PMBoK version change.

Remember that there was a mad rush to take the exam before the July 31 PMBoK version change, and so the sheer volume of recent LLs that you see posted here is not typical. Rather, it is atypical ;)

Give it some time. The PMBoK 5 exam LLs will slowly but surely come.







I think people are not ready  yet, there is limited resources available (mock tests with new PMBOK 5 syllabus) and i personally think, LL will start flowing from end of aug or may be mid september.

i am also awaiting info on new LL but have started reading PMBOK 5





Here is the link detailing the differences between the editions. In essence not much has changed. Small addition of Staekholder Management Knowledge Area. This has been mentioned in various sections and mainly communications section in the earlier version but moved to a seperate section. We had 42 processes earlier and now 45. Exam questions will not change much but your answers will change as you have to pick stakeholder management knowledge area and their associated ITTO's. Nothing to fret or panic. If you are prepared to give exam on 4th edition and are confident to pass, you are perfectly fine to handle the aforementioned changes.

All the best, 







I am planning to appear from PMBOK 5th edition exam. I have almost prepared for 4th edition.

Wanted to know what are the differecnce between 4th edition and 5th edition. I checked PMBOK 5th edition apendix. There I saw the difference.

What I saw there is there re few more things added in 5th edition or moved from one KA to another separate KA .

But, what I am more interested to know is that is there any thing which was there in 4th edition but that is NOT there in 5th edition.

I'm taking the test in 6 days, I will let you all know how bad it sucks.

So far PMBOK 2x, Rita 3x, PMSTUDY 82%.

Plan for last 6 days:

-Finish reading PMBOK 1 more time (wow it makes me sick, so bland, makes slightly more sense the 3RD time though), and do the 101 PM Prepcast formula questions. Day before the test: review ITTO's 1 more time, lightly, and re-scan all the key formulas.

Thats it.

Any other advice?

Post Test Plans: A 12 pack of beer.

Just dont take any exam a day before the exam. Until then take the maximum practice exam you can. You can try Oliver, Pmpforsure, Pmzilla, Simplilearn, Edwell etc. There are so many good free mock tests.


Beer after the exam is uselee.Please read my  LL alcohol with exam =success