PMP 35 Contact hours


To obtain 35 Contact Hours requirement for applying PMP certification I am trying to evaluate in PMP Prepcast will meet my needs. In this regard I have couple of questions,

1. The 25 questions required to obtain 35 contact hours certificate is only available after 14 days in 119 E99.99 Goodbye Video, please confirm

2. Additionally is this an online test that can be taken after 14 days of PMP Prepcast purchase, please confirm.

Any suggestions/inputs towards PMP prepcast purchase and its process in obtaining 35 contact hours will help.



Answer to both question is YES.

Once you purchase it, after two weeks you can login at their site and give the exam.

Disclaimer: I am not offical representative of PM prepcast.

The contract hours are not easy to achieve. It is supposed to be that way, difficult and challenging. - Phillip Elden