You are the Project Manager and are responsible for the development of a mall. As with any construction project, there will be multiple iterations of blueprints and engineering drawings, so you have decided to create an online database that can be used to query the documents by name, type, date, etc. This is an example of what type of communication tool?

  1. Project Management Information System

  2. Lessons Learned

  3. Project Records

  4. Configuration Management System


The question talks about iterations of blueprints, so documents will have versions. I chose D as the answer, but the exam gives A as the answer.

Can someone explain this?



It should be PMIS because its a information system consisting of TT used to gather, intergrate and disseminate the OP project management processs. While configuration management system is a sub system of PMIS, its a versioning software used to control versions of the document.

Catch the keyword...its talks abt which type of comm is used... and if you refer the TT of Comm mgmt KA.. then only opting matching here is PIMS.