PMI - SP Cleared!

Today I passed the PMI-SP exam. I already searched to find a reliable source for this specific test but I did not find any appropriate stuff except PMBOK, Rita’s Book and u-certify SP questions bank. However the u-certify questions in contrast with the real exam is not comparable!

u-certify just focuses on questions in which you have to use a lot of formulas to find the answer, and I’ve never seen any questions in the exam that asks for any kind of calculations and that surprised me the most!!

In most parts of exam, you have to analyze the questions base on your previous experience in the real world. However, I had confusion with 4 – 5 questions in which asked for CPM calculation and SS, FF relationships with related leads and lags! (That was really complicated for me!)

I already passed the PMP and as many posters advise here, I recommend taking the PMP exam first or if you just want to take the SP exam, you have to read the entire subjects of PMBOK once. I saw over 15 questions in the exam which were in relation with communication, HR and Risk chapters.

I am planning to take the RMP while I am still fresh and I hope I pass it.


Thanks and have a good one!



I had a question which had two same options!!! I reported the situation to the PMI!

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Congratulations, you are the first to post about passing SP certification here. So are you saying that Rita's PMP book and PMbok was enough for you to pass the exam ? Since according to you ucertify was not of much help.

Also apart from 15 questions you mentioned were all others related to Scheduling ?


Basically, for me U-certify was useful to practice for EVM formulas and did not have any deep and conceptual questions that we need to know for exam. I am not sure about their other products but as I said before in contrast with the real exam the SP questions bank is weak!

1 question in relation with: QA/QC chapter

about 15 questions in relation with: HR, Risk, communication chapters

about 4 questions in relation with: initiation and integrated management chapters

the rest of questions in relation with: Creation a schedule, Scheduling development, Scheduling maintenance and Monitoring

There was no question about cost and procurement chapters and EVM calculations!


Hopefully it would be useful.




All the best for your RMP as well.

In my other thread when I cleared my RMP, I have shared the same view as mentioend by you above 'Reading PMBoK thoroughly without leaving any chapters from Risk perspective will really helpful".

I have couple of queries on requirements for applying PMI-SP which you may kindly clarify.

I have around 22 contact hrs of training on MIcrosoft project formal class room training which I beleive can clock in against  required 30 hours. Is my assumption is correct?

Any suggestion for obtaining the remaining 8 contact hrs?

Any other suggested books for PMI-SP exam other than Rita.





You are right. I think each chapter of PMBOK links together like a chain! It is likely that if I had not read the PMBOK for PMP, I would not have been passed the SP.

Anyway, I have no idea about your formal training in MSP, I am sorry about that!

In my last post I talked about the U-certify questions bank. If you feel weakness in EVM formulas section and need more practice you can try it.

I did not find any other reliable source except Rita and PMBOK!

I ma not sure about you but, English is not my first language and PMI does not have translation in Persian, if I could pass it so you can


Hope it would be helpful.


  Congratulations.... I wish to inform you that I passed PMP Exam yesterday. My Itention was to clear the PMP first, then do PMI-SP. Did you purchase this book  PMI-Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)SM Examination Specification. Can you please guide me what are the other books & specification to sudy for the PMI-SP. Thanks.


I have passed PMI exam and i did preparation from astudy guides and test engines this stuff is updated and provide helpful solution for exam preparation.