PMI RMP Practice tests

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Some options for practice questions

1. Practice risk management, communication managemnet, time / cost management questions from PMP books like Rita Mulchahy.

2. Free 20 question set here

3. Another set of 10 -12 questions in PDF here

 Hi Guys,

I am a regular follower of Pmzilla and I have cleared my RMP recently.

I found below information might be useful for the RMP aspirants.

Additional free questions for RMP can be found from below websites.

1) PM FASTrack PMI-RMP from Rita website.

2) for some free questions

Hope it helps.

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hi ,

Please  provide me some more details like eligibility criteria, and difficulty level of the test compared to 'PMP',

thanks ,


Hi Manjula,

Regarding eligibility,

For RMP, For Degree holders(4 year), atleast 3000 hrs of experience in the Risk management area withn last 5

consecutive years. + 30 contact hours of  formal education in the specialized Risk area will do.

For diploma holders, 4500 hrs +40 hrs formal education will do!

For applying for RMP, you donot need to be PMP certified,But if you are already PMP certified,

taking RMP exam will be much easier as you have to read PMBoK again from Risk point of view!

Regarding difficulty,

 As tough as PMP!,But again it all depends on how you are preparing for the exam.

Please let me know if you need any addiitonal info on this.






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Thanks for the reply,

I have general project management experience of 9 years,

But While filling the application how to specificy 'experience in 'RISK MANAGEMENT',

and also would like to know is there any other book or material which we may have to study other than 'PMP',

material. Sorry to bother you with these questions, As I passed PMP, Would like to try this as things are still fresh in my mind.


Thanks in advance,



If you refer other thread "How to prepare for PMI RMP" which lists out the reading free /other materials required

for RMP.Still any other required info, please fee free to be in touch.

You are moving in the right direction of doing RMP when you are fresh with PMP.

This gives you 2 immediate advantages:

1) By doing 30 contact hours which is mandatory for RMP and the same hours can be clocked in as PMP 30 PDUs.

2) You can also use 15 PDUs to clock under PMI-RMP (after you complete your RMP cert) by reading Risk Management specifi

books which anyway you need to read(optional only!) for clearing your RMP exam under self-Directed learning Category C. 


I could share Risk Management Credential Template format if you could give me your mail id.

Basically you should divide your project experience hourly spend into 1) Risk Communication 2) Risk Analysis 

3) Risk Response Planning 4) Risk Goverence.

All the best!



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my mailid

can i use the same pdus which i got  during        pmp?






I have sent RMP credential template to your ID and hope you find it useful.

If you look at PMI-RMP hand book which details out on which ways to obtain 30 hours contact hours for RMP exam.

I doubt you can use PMP pdus for this as PDUs should be relevant to Risk Management portion.




hi KK,

Can you please share your RMP template.

My email id is-






Please can you share the RMP template to my email id

I did my PMP last month


Hi KK,

Could you please share your RMP template. My email is:

Many thanks!


my e-mail ID is:

Thanks in advance,


Hi, I'll sincierly appreciate if you could share the 'Risk Management Credential Template' with me as well. My mail ID is Thanks.



I have passe my exam by usind certmagic. com products and found them very helpful.

Hi Friend,

As RMP is bit new, Can you please share your LL with more details on 1) How you prepared 2) which books referred & how is it useful 3) comments on RMP questions 4) questions are from which knowlwedge areas 5) How about math questions etc  will be really helpful for newcomers...

Thanks in advance.


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Can u send me on my email id RMP template & materiall for reading.



MD Javeed,PMP

Take a free PMI-RMP practice test by Simplilearn:

Good Luck!

Hi KK,

I would appreciate if you can share your RMP template. My email is: sends e-mail)

Many thanks!



I'm planning to take the exam of RMP next month h, Could you please send me the 

 Credential template.

I'm PMP since 2007 and now I’m a projects Director, I found it’s better to combine the RMP to PMP 

also  I'm using  the material from Rita Risk Mangment and PMBOK, are those enough 

My email is

Hi PMZilla 

I"m planning to take the RMP exam next month, 

Could you please provide me the  candidate template 

my email is