PMI RMP exam 30 contact hours of formal Risk Management education online

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I've been thinking of taking the PMI RMP exam and was wondering what is a good place to take the 30 contact hours online.  I'm looking for something recognized by PMI and good like

If anyone has any idea, please share, I'll be very grateful.


Shahbaz, PMP 

 Thanks pkukilla.


That link states that the classes will start in Jan 2011 though.  If anyone has any other site which offers the PMI RMP course online that is recognized by PMI, please let me know.




You can check out a few RMP courses. The cost is very less as compared to traditional courses.

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Hi Jack,


i would highly recommend this one here:

Prep Cast:

Free Prep Cast:


and as an alternative this one:

Izenbrigde PMP Course:








You can look at Simplilearn RMP online course or Udemy course. Udemy provides lifelong access to the course.

All the best.

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hi Evrybody i Like to recommend Proventures India for pmi rmp training in hyderabad