PMI ACP 21 contact hours

 I am planning to prepare for PMI ACP. Can someone suggest  what would bethe cheapest way to get 21 contact hours ? PMPrepcast $179 wich is pretty expensive.



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I am also looking for it ...  kindly help me if you come across any where < $100. 

 I did some research:

Siplilearn - $130 (1 month access)

iZenBridge - $120 (2 months access)

Anyone knows any cheaper course just for the contact hours please let us know. Based on my PMP experience all I need is the contact hours and self study. So, looking for minimum cost.


Have you guys tried out ProplanX? Sometime back they were offering these 21 hours at almost next to nothing prices.

~ Diba

 Thanks Diba ! Thats only $35 a great pricing for the contact hours and some course material access.

I check their website and in there they are actually charging $75

That's exactly what happens if you subject any commodity/service to the laws of economics over a period of time!

~ Diba