PM Zilla offers different "correct" answers compared to Oliver F Lehmann (which is correct?)

I took the '30 tough questions' from PM Zilla. I noticed three questions were from Oliver F Lehmanns 175 question sample test. I have no problem seeing the smae question in different places as I have seen it before. I had the correct answer on the Lehmann test, so I selected the same answer on the PM Zilla 30 Tough Question test and they were marked as incorrect. First off, why is it correct on the Lehmann test, but not the PM Zilla quiz (or vice versa) and second, which one do I believe?

Question 1

What should you avoid when you are organizing documents as Lessons learned?

Devise the lessons learned documentation in a wording which is easy to understand for a reader who is not familiar with the project.

b Lessons learned must detail how certain groups or persons caused failures and delays, especially if they are inside the own organization.

c Writing lessons learned should be an exercise enhancing your personal learning experience. Make sure you grasp what you are writing down.

d Keep lessons learned documents at a place where they are easy to access and to retrieve for those who may later need the information.

The Lehamnn test (Q119) stated the correct answer is B and referenced PMBOK page253. PM Zilla states the correct answer is C because "Feedback: A, B and D are all correct and best practices for lessons learnt. C is a misfit here and hence it the correct answer as it should be avoided."

Question 2

Your project team is on its way to finish work on the project, while you have the impression that a staff member is already negotiating the next assignment in another project. You are afraid that the person may come under pressure to start working on the other job before she has finished her work for your project. Her task is very complex, and it would be hard for someone else to take up the partial results and finish them. What action is most likely to resolve the situation?

a. Have a private meeting with the person and discuss your observations. Make the person aware of the contract and of the legal consequences of unfinished work.

b Have a meeting with the entire team and discuss the person

c Use your network of project managers to find another assignment for the person which allows for smooth transition and does not conflict with your needs.

d Ignore your observations and let the team member do her job. It is quite uncommon that staff drops work for a project before it is completely finished.

The Lehmann test (Q152) states the answer is C and references PMBOK page 226. PM Zilla states the correct answer is A because "Feedback: Best answer is A. There is no need to discuss with entire team, C is not appropriate since there is not need to do that now. D is in correct since you cannot ignore the situation in the interest of project."

Question 3

You have joined a new project as a project manager and you have been asked to assess the high level risks of the project. What will you do. ?

a Develop the Project charter and a Risk management plan to start identifying risks based on those and other documents.

b Identify and analyze risk events using qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Develop contingency plans and fallback plans in case the original plan proves wrong.

Discuss the risks documented in your Risk register with the project key stakeholders.

The Lehmann test (Q19) states the answer is A and references PMBOK page 321 and 426. PM Zilla states the correct answer is A because"Feedback: A is correct since output of project charter is High level Risks C is incorrect as that can be done once the risks are identified. , D is incorrect since if you have already documented risks in your risk register then you have identified the high level risk. Remember the key here is the term high level risks."

I downloaded the most recent version of the Lehmann test yesterday and I took the PM Zilla quiz today, so both are the most current available on each site. However, I did see PM Zilla reference PMBOK 4th ed often while Lehmann reference 5th ed. Is the PMZilla info out of date?

This is 10% worth of errors/differences in a 30 question quiz. Please clarify the confusion and let us know which is correct.


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I dont think the questions are same in two sources. There can be slight differences. The answers and explaination are given, if you go through them you will understand and its logical and from PMBoK.

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think you should check your test..  specifically Lessons Learned questoin- in your interpritation LL are focused on personal guilt, that is not complined with ethic