Please your help

I'm planning to take the exam in 2 weeks, I feel that I'm well prepared!! but when I tried Oliver lehman 175 questions I was dispointed : questions seem to be difficult for me (50 to 60% good answers only).

to whom already took the exam, please don't tell me that questions in real exam are like Oliver lahman questions??

Thank you in advance.

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In my opinion, Oliver's questions are more to activate your grey cells. But its not indication of real exam so you can relax. I scored very bad in that test too.

If you have scored well in other exams like pmstudy, rita's fastrack or similar like 80% you should feel confident and go ahead.

The questions on this site are designed so that you can handle the tough questions in the exam which would be around 20-30% depending upon how much you have prepared.

thank you for your time and for the clarification....