Please advice how to improve scores (PMP)..

Good day Professionals,

I have read PMBOK and Rita Mulchay books twice, attempting mock tests but scoring only 50-55%.

Have plans to attempt the exam very soon..

please advice how can I improve my scores.....






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I recomend you test. more practice.
minimum 20 - 50 questions by day. 
1- . For those questions you get wrong, go back to them, review them carefully, refer back to the PMBOK5, Rita's book, etc. Question yourself why you got them wrong and understand the rationale behind the question
2-is very important analize the mistakes. 
3-do not run
you can choose the following free resources:
2) Simplilearn Free
3) PMStudy - 1 Free   
4)  PMP EXAM PREP - Mobile version
If you're member of PMI, you have access to Books 24x7. There you can download more free questions
paid - Is good alternative
 PMP Exam - Oliver Lehman - Mobile version
 PrepCast from Cornelius  EXAM SIMULATOR -  in my case was very useful
 simplilearn is a good alternative and is not expensive
 PMStudy is really good as well

Marcos Cifuentes, PMP


If you are having difficulties with grasping of concept and content. Start with Head First PMP. 

It helped me. It is not enough for the exam, but its good to read it first and then move to PMBOK and Rita's



I know its not easy, but you have to learn to read between the lines. You should know PMBOK inside out, its not that difficult, if you really go through the PMBOK 75% of it is repetition, so all you need to know byheart is 25%.

Now the 25% consitutes of the first 2-3 pages of all the processes and only 1st iteration of ITTO, from next process onwards majority of ITTOs will be repeated, hence skip them. If you go thru PMBOK in this way, you will be able to reduce it to onefifth of its present size, and sholdnt be difficult to remember.

You will see your performance improving by leaps and bounds if you go through the PMBOK in the way I mentioned.

One more thing which I did was to refer only one book. I personally find refering one book as a more focussed approach than referring multiple books, for a simple reason that there can be conflicting methodologies in different books, which can be sometimes confusing

At last scoring more than 85% in every mock exam is a  myth and is no guarantee that you will pass the exam by doing that. I personally never went beyond 80 in any of the mock exams and I still passed on my first attempt comfortably. I am saying confirtably because by the time I finished my exam i was getting the feeling that I will surely pass it, based on the answers i gave.


Atlast I am sure you will do better and will be able to pass with good score. All the very best to you !!!!

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I studied and answered every one of Kaplan's 700 PMP questions.  I am sure I could have done the same with and its questions :)

  1. Study mode.  Use study mode first.  I used a "study mode" to answer questions (1000 of them).  If you are uncertain about the question, snapshot the question with your computer software.  I use Windows so I would just use a PrtScn command.  If you get the question wrong, snapshot it also.
  2. Take computer snapshots.  You need to snapshot both the question and the question with answer.  Two snapshots per wrong question.
  3. Use PowerPoint.  Take all your snapshots and put them into PowerPoint files.  I found PowerPoint to be an excellent way to build my question files.
  4. PowerPoint Quizzes.  Use PowerPoint for quizzes that have your toughest questions.
  5. Hardest questions.  Eventually, using this technique, I made a computer file of the toughest 100 questions I had to answer out of Kaplan's 700 questions.
  6. More quizzes.  Quiz yourself on your "wrong" or "not strong" questions.

After you have performed steps 1-6, then you're ready to take "timed tests".

If you use any part of these techniques you will learn more from your "practice tests" than you can possibly imagine.  Taking practice tests again and again without learning from your mistakes is inefficient.

Best Wishes in Passing the PMP Test,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

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