Phone apps


can you please suggest any phone apps /mobile sites that can be used for question bank or answering mock exams on the go. 

I spend lot of time in travel and taking care of my infant kid. Being able to practice questions or studying on phone will be very helpful. 


So so far I make use of Pmp exam preparation and Pmp prep app. But now the exam q in those apps are repetitive. 


Please suggest. 


I would like to share PMP Android App here, Which is developed by GreyCampus. It would be helpful to your preparation. Download the App now and enjoy your preparation. All the best for your PMP.

Unfortunately I dont have android phone. Is there a mobile site or iOS version available?

The application is going to be a nice one. Everyone goes to this process and this is the time you will feel you are a rookie. - Marla Ahlgrimm

The phone apps will make a great difference. If you have this on your side, it will be very good. - Steven C Wyer

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