Philzs - I Passed PMP Exam - 29 April 2015 ! Yeah - Here my lesson learn

PMP PASS April 2015

I'M glad to say that I have passed the exam on 29 april 2015


The score :

Initiation Moderately Proficient
Planning Proficient
Executing Moderately Proficient
Monitor and Control Moderately Proficient
Close Moderately Proficient



My study path:

1 ) Start with a video ( CBT Nuggets ) it was good just for an intruction
2 ) Read Rita once - Score around 70%
3 ) I register to an online portal called AMC to get the 35 PDU ( AMC is only 100$ / year ) you can get a lot more PDU on that portal, this is cool, this is cheap, but you will not learn a

lot there !
4 ) Then I did a lot of questions ( over 2000 ) as everybody says, try DIFFERENT SOURCES, FIND TOUGH QUESITONS,

Here is the result I got for all mock

Exam Central 79%
Christopher Scordo 7 80%
Christopher Scordo 8 84%
Christopher Scordo 9 76%
Christopher Scordo 10 74%
Christopher Scordo 11 76%
Christopher Scordo 12 80%
Christopher Scordo 13 76%
Christopher Scordo 14 70%
Christopher Scordo 15 80%
Christopher Scordo 16 82%
Christopher Scordo 17 70%
pm-exam-simulator 1 30 q 48%
pm-exam-simulator 2 30 q 53%
pm-exam-simulator 3 30 q 80%
pm-exam-simulator - 80 questions 64%
"Real Simulation
Oliver Lehmann 75" 76%
"Real Simulation
Oliver Lehmann 175" 73%
Head First Free - 200Q 84%
Pmzilla Tough 30 questions 53%

Simplilearn Free Test - 200Q 64.5%
PMPForSure Free Test - 100Q    68
PMZilla Set 1 - 30q 60%
PMZilla Set 2- 30q 70%
PMZilla Set 13- 50q 68%
Pmstudy Exam 4 77%


I would say the bests mock are :
PMZILLA ( buy those questions, it's a good pirce and good questions )

And you should finish by these, Please dont start with those 3 exam, it is not a good idea, because it's a great way to see if you are good to do the exam.
Do these when you have at lease did a couples of 200 questions mock exams

But I sugest you do more than that.

ALSO, you should REALLY DIG for EACH wrong answer, also for thoses that you hesitate, DIG !!! until you mastered all them !!
Dont remember them, understand them , under the hood !!

5 ) I re-read the RITA BOOK. ( 2 week before the exam )

6 ) I reviewd ,analyse, and dig, the error I did in all mock ( 1 week before the exam )

Streess a couple of day before the exam :

By the way.. I was really stressed by the exam, even a couples of days before.. the way I found to go over that is I did some sports ( indor cycling )..
I just want to say that because even if it's not a technical point, if it can help someone, if you want to go over your stress before the exam, do some sports, go walk outside.. it worked

for me.


One day before the exam :

I was playing with Rita Game, and a was trying to remember some Key ITTO.
I played with Rita game as a lot of people recomend it.. It think it sound like really basic but it is true ... DO IT.. and Rita says that the only Process in the game that required a

special order is Planning, I did the rita game like 6 time before the exam and look my score for planning,.. PROFICIENT !!!


The EXAM :
I eat a 6 inch subway, half a glass of water, half a cofee.. just 5 min before the exam..

They use a metal detector, pretty intense, they really check all my pocket, etc..

I did a braindump on the paper of all my formula during the 15 min period (simulator), I did not use it at all during the exam.. even when I had to calculate stuff..

I did 200 question in a strech, no break, During the test I remember to mark A lot of question, and I remind my self that most of the pepole mark around 40, I tought I would mark more than

that but finally at the end, I had around 40. I took a break at the end of the 200 questions where I had 45 min left.. I took those 45 min to review my Mark questions..

English is not my first language, so I ask a language help feature, it actually split the computer screen in two ( on top I had french, on bottom english ) It was helpfull for maybe 3

questions. The rest of the time it was anoying specially for those Diagram to calculate Float, total float,

* I got SO MANY questions on Change, a lot were really tricky, you really have to ask your self, where are you in the process, what do we need to do now, these were really tough.. You

really have to be comfy with Change Management process !!!!!!

* A lot of Quality, you must know all tools of Quality, when to use which tool, what they are used for !! REALLY IMPORTANT !!!

* I got at least 20 question on Earned Value, they were between Easy and Tough, if you did many EV calculation from many source you will get all good !

* I got some tricky question on Channel calculation, be ready to read and understand what they ask !!

* I got maybe 4-5 questions to calculate float, ensure to be good with takse some time to answer these, practice yourself to draw a diagram quickly !! one of that question I had to

guess.. I had really no idea how to deal with it.

* I tought I had to memorize the ITTO a little, but not at all..REALLY, NOT AT ALL, if you understand the big picture of what happend over the process, you are good !! Serilously, I feel

that people who try to remember mnemonic before the exam will loose a precious time ( that's only my point of view )

WOW I'M done..

Thanks for Admin, Thanks for Pmilla, thanks to coolpmp69 who helped me also

Now I'm looking for something else.. maybe Scrum Master ?? any recommendations ?


Congratulation Philzs! welcome to the club :)

Yeah, regarding the stress management thing, it will really help.


many congratukations......and thanks for the LL posted

Congratulation Philzs!!

thanks guys !

May congratulations. Very well written LL.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Well done Philz!!

Congratulations on your achievement.

As far as CSM is concened , share your location detail so that I can be of some help to you.




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Congratulations Philz - you have been very active on Pmzilla

Thanks for the wonderful detailed post.

Congratulation philzs. So nice to read your LL. You were very active here and I saw your posts and preparations. I am still afraid to give the exam. Please suggest guru...