The performance of the headset evaluation

 In this application requirement environment, well-known manufacturers charm lattice was solemnly launched their debut this year advocate hit - PM680 stereo bluetooth headset. In the carefree delicate appearance auxiliary, support bluetooth 2.1 wireless transmission<a href=""><strong>Cheap Monster Beats</strong></a>, human head and pleasant to hear type design of mutual fusion, and aluminum alloy material super light head beam, for users in it may be said is to reach the design aesthetic and practical height equilibrium.

The charm of the case PM680 orientation in sport bluetooth music headphones<a href=""><strong>cheap Monster By Dr.Dre Studio</strong></a>, thus it from the outer packing to earphone subject, all show the characteristics of contracted acme. The outer packing PM680, with white and cyan light color collocation as the main style, transparent packaging positive, small volume, and fully display the current environmental protection to appeal.
Disconnect the outer packing, PM680 contracted still, and have no spare parts. A headset theme, a charging line, a manual and maintenance instructions, etc., is its heavily "property". The bluetooth headset is Ver2.1 standard specifications, easy connection various playback equipment. At the same time, the built-in EDR rate strengthen technology<a href=""><strong>Beats By Dr.Dre Pro</strong></a>, audio bandwidth as high as 3 MBPS, meet the CD grade quality nondestructive transmission requirements. Bluetooth wireless connection injection, also let users to get rid of the shackles of the connection, can freely enjoy the beauty of the music music.