Passing in first attempt

PMP Exam is not a tough exam. If you want to pass it consistently dedicate one hour a day and maintain daily goals. My goals was to consistently read PMBOK 15 Pages a day, but read these 15 pages twice. Once I would finish a chapter, I will immediately for 2 days practice exam questions on those tow chapters as directed by by instructor Hemant Dhariyal at Education Edge. We had internal 50 questions exams. The first exam was after the first 5 chapters. Second exam on the course again a 50 question exam was held at the end of Quality chapter. This was followed by third exam at the end of Risk chapter. Finally the course ended and we had 2 final exams of 200 questions each. I scored 79 % after my first final exa and my instructor Hemant Dhariyal informed me that I did not have to write the second final exam as he felt that I was ready.

And boy did i not do well. 5 Ps.

Guys if you are in Toronto, contact The whole approach is unique.