Passed Today

Passed the PMP today...thank goodness because was hating the thought of having to take that test again even though this was only my first try.  It took me about 3hrs and 15min to complete the test and then I went back through the ones I had marked (about 20 or less) and left the exam with about 20 min on the clock because i was WAY tired of sitting, thinking, and looking at the screen.  During the review I changed a couple of them, but for the most part, they were marked because i wasnt sure of the anser and I would only  be second guessing my intuition by changing them.

 My prep time included:

The Andy Crowe book.


study cards that I made

mutiple test questions from the Crowe book and various websites...all the good sites have been mentioned numerous times in previous posts. 

 I spent at least 4-6 hours a day for the last 2-3 months.  I started studying earlier but got called away by my job for about 3 weeks...lesson hard and take the test...dont have a break between study and test taking...too much of this test is based on memory and that 3 week break made me have to start least for me.


As far as the questions...the test was hard, but the Crow book prepared me very well.  The only thing I used the PMBOK for was to scan and review the terms in the glossary. 

All in all, the test was hard, and I wasnt sure how I would do, but in hindsight, i was well prepared.


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Congratulations on this achievement and thanks for sharing the lessons learnt and your experiences. 

If you have the study cards in soft form you may share it here so others can benefit.

With regards